Speaking Bay Leaf

dictrionary2There may be items on our menu that are unfamiliar to you or made from food mixtures you have not tried before. We are very careful to review any products we purchase to be certain they do not contain MSG. We also do not purchase products having preservatives if there is a similar product we can obtain that does not. Extra virgin olive oil is used for sauteing.

Please do not hesitate to ask a staff member the ingredients of any selection and how it is prepared. If you have special dietary needs we will be happy to accommodate you.

Black Bean Burger: Patties are made in house of black beans, green peppers, onions, green chilies, brown rice, dried chilies, garlic, bread crumbs, corn flour and salt.

Capers: Small, unopened caper blossoms which are sun dried then pickled, making them salty and soft. They have a gentle taste, neither hot nor spicy.

Falafel: Ground chick peas (garbanzo beans) seasoned with herbs.

Filo: Phyllo is the Greek word meaning leaf. Culinarily, it refers to tissue-thin layers of pastry dough.

Garden Burger: A purchased product containing mushrooms, brown rice, onions, rolled oats, part skim mozzarella (part skim milk culture, salt, vegetable enzyme), egg white, cheddar cheese, bulgur wheat, natural seasonings and spices, olive oil, tapioca starch and vegetable gum.

Hummus: This refreshing Mediterranean dip is made of chick peas (garbanzo beans), garlic, tahini and lemon juice.

Provencal: A sauce made in the style of Provence; we use white wine, extra virgin olive oil, capers and diced vegetables.

Tabbouleh: Burlgur wheat, lemon juice, olive oil and diced vegetables.

Tahini: A smooth paste made from ground white sesame seeds.

Tempeh: A food made from split soybeans, water and a special bacteria which is allowed to ferment for several hours. Cholesterol free, low in fat with a yeasty nutty flavor. Rich in vitamin B12 and protein.

Tofu: Soybean curd, made from soybeans and nigari (a coagulant taken from salt water), and used in soups, vegetable dishes, dressing, etc. Tofu is high in protein.

You are special at our table!

If you have food likes and dislikes, if you have health and diet concerns, we are able to customize your meal. Our kitchen is filled with fresh, healthy food and our chefs know how to prepare it.

If you do not see what you want or need, your server will be happy to help you get what you want.